• New video for Elephant Stone. https://t.co/kqxmjZ6sD6

Originally from the West Island of Montreal, Benjamin Lussier was introduced to the world of filmmaking at a very young age. Armed with his 8mm camera, it was routine to see him go through miniature models, toy cars and matches for him to create his own disaster films. Shortly thereafter, Benjamin turned his sights onto theatre. During this time, he was also self-taught in the art of creating digital visual effects, which eventually led him, at age 18, to his very first official industry job for the next six years. From there, Benjamin got to work on the visual effects for over a hundred commercials, over twenty canadian and international music videos in addition to live events for Cirque du Soleil's LOVE (The Beatles), Criss Angel, Taylor Swift, One Direction and others. 2008 saw Benjamin step behind the camera once again in order hone his craft as a director. What is still ensuing is a career worthy of notice not only due to his versatility, his distinct visual flair, but also due to the originality of his chosen projects.